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Not Long Ago I Was Just Like You...

Hi, My name is Karen and I work with beautiful souls just like yours, that are ready to break through their fears and become all you were created to be ~ people who aspire to live their lives by DOING… What Lights Them Up!

Do you find it difficult to break free from “the norm” of daily life – by doing things the same way, day in and day out, expecting different results? Do you find yourself in the hum drum of every day life – you wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and do it all over again, without giving much thought to what could improve all of your tomorrows?

No worries! I have created a safe space, full of like-minded people to help you connect with those who are breaking through their barriers and old-school mindset conditioning. It's absolutely life changing! Everything is about YOU and what YOU want for your life ~ I'm only here to guide and support you, along with a whole tribe of like-minded people who will help you realize... your dreams really CAN come true!

It is your right to take care of yourself in

Let Me Guide You Toward Your Ideal Lifestyle

It IS possible to live a fun, passionate life while caring for all of life’s responsibilities. I am married, have two daughters, two grandsons, run two businesses and LOVE to travel. Believe me... I KNOW BUSY! I also know how to create calm and control, in the midst of chaos. It has taken me years to acquire the life changing tools and knowledge in order to bring enjoyment back into my life! It's been a long journey and LOTS of lessons have been learned along the way. The beautiful thing is? The techniques I can teach you will bring changes beyond your wildest dreams! You ARE worthy of a life you love. NEVER let anyone - not even yourself, tell you different. I'm happy to be your tour guide!

  • Personal development is a vital part in a person's growth, maturity, success and happiness. It is the foundation of emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual health.

  • Exclusive one to one sessions along with group support of like-minded people to inspire, encourage and empower you, to live your life healthy, happy and free.

  • Intense personalized coaching, knowledge transfer and providing the essential tools to transcend all boundaries and live a life by design... Mind, Body and Soul.

Let's Work Together!

  • A one day excursion of deep, intense, one to one exploration with me into the core of who you truly are. We will be digging way down deep to the roots and creating a plan to overcome your obstacles, together.

  • 30 days in a group setting providing support via scheduled zoom calls, facebook live broadcasts, daily exercises and private group sharing to dig down deep into your core to help you re-ignite the light within.

  • The 30 Day Private Session Intensive is the perfect way to face your fears, create a plan and get into ACTION. Guess who will be keeping you accountable the whole way through? That's right... you guessed it... ME!

What My Clients Say

  • I’ve known Karen for five years now and she has a heart of gold! She helped me take the blinders off, so to speak, and really dig down deep within myself to uncover what I knew was down there, but couldn’t quite reach. She’s kind, and sincere, and REAL. She listens and truly cares about helping people achieve their full potential. She is very empowering, and whether or not you know your direction in life, I highly recommend her as your next step toward reaching your goals and dreams.

    Kim Discianno Project Manager and Professional Mentor
  • There is a unique openness that Karen possesses that most don't have the courage to share. She is driven by a guiding light that she acquired by going through her own adversities that she uses to solely help those around her become their best selves and to live their best lives - mind, body and soul. Whether it be guidance for creating a healthy lifestyle, meditation techniques or getting "the low down" on the rhymes and reasons of synchronicity, Karen has helped me and I know she can help you, too!

    Carla Muldrow Financial Analyst

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