Hi, I’m Karen And I’m SO Happy You’re Here!

Hi, My name is Karen and I work with beautiful souls just like yours, that are ready to break through their fears and become all you were created to be ~ people who aspire to live their lives by DOING… what lights them up!

Do you find it difficult to break free from “the norm” of daily life – by doing things the same way, day in and day out, expecting different results? Do you find yourself in the hum drum of every day life – you wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep and do it all over again, without giving much thought to what could improve all of your tomorrows?

No worries! I have created a safe space, full of like-minded people to help you connect with those who are breaking through their barriers and old-school mindset conditioning. Everything is about YOU and what YOU want for your life ~ I’m only here to guide and support you while keeping you accountable to yourself and your goals ~ to help you realize that your dreams… CAN come true!

 Looking for REAL change in your life?

Want to build a better future?

Start RIGHT now!


What IS a Life Catalyst

and why should I hire one?

I’m YOUR professional partner, confidant and friend who will help you:

  • Identify the dreams and desires that are aligned with your purpose in life – personally and professionally – that will make you feel authentically happy and fulfilled every single day!
  • Remove the mindsets, habits and obstacles that hold you back from activating and realizing those dreams.
  • Help create a plan to turn your dreams into reality!
  • Take consistent and productive action on that plan, tweak it when necessary, and overcome any setbacks or roadblocks that appear along the way, by keeping you accountable.
  • Help you to create your own solutions and realize your ideas so you own your goals.  We will devise a plan of steps you will need to take, in order to move in the direction of your biggest dreams!
  • Celebrate your victories and achievements but; tell it to you straight.


PLEASE NOTE:  I take an aggressive no excuse approach when I’m coaching because it’s the truth that needs to be told.  I will however; let you vent when you are frustrated (getting CLEAR and releasing negative energy is ALL a part of the mentoring experience!) and then… we will move on to the productive solutions… TOGETHER!


Understand that you CAN accomplish WHATEVER it is you want – WHATEVER the goal – such as becoming a stronger person, a kinder human, finding your strengths and weaknesses, achieving a healthier lifestyle, becoming more assertive and courageous, stop procrastinating, stop defeating yourself, stop dating the wrong one, moving on after a divorce, freeing yourself from addictions, changing careers, starting your own business, creating multiple streams of income, transitioning into retirement and many other things that you need to work through to get what you want to be!

I am sure what you want, is the same as what I want:

To be loved, happy, fulfilled, successful and secure

in whatever it is you choose to pursue!