Childhood Dreams

Think Back…

Remember the days when we were young, how exciting life was and the freedom we had?  Remember how we woke up every morning and literally jumped out of bed, excited to start our day?  How happy we were to see the sun shine or to play in the rain?  To see our friends and play outside?  We enjoyed bike rides and playing frisbee!  Ghost in the Graveyard and TV Tag.  Kick ball and dodge ball.  Being outside in nature gave us a sense of freedom.

We lived every single moment in the NOW and did not worry about the past or the future.  We lived in the present.


Life happened.  As we grew older, we became conditioned to our surroundings.  We learned habits of worry, fear, impatience, competition, disappointment, stress and anxiety.

Our innocence was stolen from us by “The Matrix”.  We were groomed to become a part of a structural society.  Certain beliefs were taught to us, that went against the very grain of our souls and robbed of us of our dreams.

Do you remember how it felt to live life every day full of joy, happiness, wonder and excitement?  Do you remember feeling confident, strong, driven and fearless?  Do you remember what it felt like to believe you could achieve anything you set your heart on?


Grab your journal!

Think back.  Take a few moments and focus on the past for me.  For each question below, write your responses in a journal.  Ponder each question for a few moments and dig deep.  Write down everything that comes to mind!

  • What excited you?

What made you smile so big, laugh out loud, jump up and down or dance?  What made you feel good?  What made you feel love, elation and freedom?

  • What places were you dreaming of visiting?

Egypt.  Dubai.  Australia.  The U.K.  Ireland.  Bali.  Singapore.  Africa.  You name it!  What did you want to see?  Where did you want to go and explore different ways of life?  What historical sights did you want to see with your own eyes?

  • What talents do you have?

Do you paint?  Write?  Crochet?  Make jewelry?  Do you Draw?  Take photographs?  Sing?  Do you play an instrument?  Cook?  Bake?  Are you good at public speaking and motivating others?  Do you have the ability to “read” people?  Do you have a gift to see things people do not?  Are you a natural born leader?  Do you have exceptional organizational skills?

Whatever activities you enjoy, write them down!

My goal here is to bring you back to a time before the confines of life took over.

Go ahead!  Give yourself permission and take some time to yourself.  Go to a coffee shop alone with your journal.  Go to a secluded spot in your home and close the door.  Go out in nature and enjoy some alone time.  Take a long hot bath with epsom salt, baking soda and lavender oil while you ponder on the things that light you up inside.

Be in the past for just a little while and rediscover who you truly are!

Once you write down all the things that bring you joy, you will see a pattern of natural talents and abilities that only you were given.  God gave you these gifts for a reason and it is your DUTY to serve the world!  Use your gifts to touch the lives of others.


Much Love,




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