From The Ashes, I Rise…

One day you just know it’s time to trust in the magic of new beginnings.

I woke up this morning and my life is completely different than it was just a week ago.  Last Monday, the burden of being in a place I no longer belonged, was evident.  I felt the heaviness, the sadness and the anger of going to a place I knew was literally sucking the life out of me, in every way possible.  On Wednesday, I knew I had reached the end of my rope and gave the whole situation to God.  I gave up on trying to control the outcome and surrendered it all.  I threw up my hands symbolically and spoke the words out loud “I surrender this whole situation, I pray for the Angels to surround me and for the best possible outcome to happen for all of the parties involved.”

I was given the BIGGEST “gift” and had a whole new outlook on life!  I was no longer a part of the corporate company I had spent the last six and a half years employed with. I thanked the Universe for the experiences, the people I connected with, the lasting friendships I made, for providing for my family financially throughout the years while I was desperately searching for who I was and for sustaining my lifestyle with MUCH gratitude.  I then; closed that chapter of my life and walked through the door to the unknown.

From that moment, the weight that was lifted from my shoulders was incredible!  I was genuinely smiling again.  I was at peace.  I was in a place of transition and I could feel the energy shift within me, and all around me.  There is no way you can fake true happiness that is felt on the deepest levels in your soul!  Energy doesn’t lie.

I spent the next few days enjoying my family, the freedom and the feelings of sheer gratitude I felt.  For the first time in a long time, I didn’t have to do “the rat race!”  I woke up when I wanted to, I casually went about my days and lived those moments completely care free.  I was in the NOW moment and it felt SO good!

Ahhhhhh, Monday.  The first Monday I have woken up with joy and a clear plan for my day… and on MY terms, in years!  I posted on Facebook, I woke up my Sleeping Beauty, got her ready for school and drove her to class.  I smiled so big saying good bye to her today!  Now what to do?

Living in Arizona, there is SO much beauty around us and with me being the nature lover I am, I had a plan to do my first hike this morning and start my day with fresh air and beauty.  I found an app over the weekend called All Trails for hiking, drove to the first trail marked “easy” however; the road was under construction and I could not access the site.  I pulled up the app again and the next hike near the area was marked “moderate”.  I’ll be honest… It scared me a little but not enough to give up!

I was on the highway talking to my friend Terry Lee and saw the radio towers on the mountain.  I told him “Uhhhhhh, those radio towers are frikkin’ high!”  Nevertheless, that was my goal for today.  I had NO idea what I was getting into or what to expect.  I parked my car, I put on my backpack full of water, my journal, a pen, my Isis deck of Oracle Cards, a Lemon Bar for snacking and an e+ energy shot.  I was ready to conquer the beast!

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.

-Lao Tsu

Those first few steps were so surreal.  It was 9:30 am and the sun was shining brightly.  I could feel the warmth on my skin as it shined it’s rays upon my body.  I thought to myself “HOW many times did I sit at my desk, in my cubicle of prison, watching people on Facebook hiking in the morning wishing I could be the one hiking the trails?” and I realized in that moment… I was doing it!

I started up the trail which was only rock and dirt.  I looked half way up the hill and saw it was paved to the top.  It was then I set my first goal… to that point of transition.  So much beauty surrounded me I was in awe.  The breeze was blowing, there were other hikers on the trail but I was alone, connecting with Mother Earth.  It felt SO phenomenal!  Here’s a pic of the beginning:

Every step was a step of liberation.  Every one I made I felt a little stronger than the one before it.  I kept telling myself “just keep moving forward.”  Before I knew it, I had made it to the half way point… my first goal reached!

I stood there for a few moments just in gratitude.  I heard birds around me singing and the sound of the wind was so soothing.  I must of had a smile on my face a mile wide.  HAHA!  Here’s a couple more shots:

Beauty is everywhere if you just take the time to see.

I came upon a memorial on the side of the trail.  I stopped to rest and to pay my respects.

While standing in this moment, I read about Joel and the life he lived.  I encourage you to read:

The sentence that hit me was “We don’t know when our time will be up here on Earth.  Go.  Do.  See.  Read.  Learn.  Travel the world but don’t waste your time.  Be out in nature and feel God’s presence.”  Tears streaming down my face, I thanked Joel for the example he set for us all and wished him well on his new journey.  It was then, I saw her:

Through the tears, I looked up at the towers, I thanked God and My Angel for this moment and continued up the trail in front of me.

A few minutes later, I had to rest.  The trail was steep and being my first time, I rested as I needed to.  A few minutes later, three older men coming down the mountain toward me, two with walking sticks in each hand and they stopped to say hello.  The gentleman in blue says to me:

“Don’t look up to see how far you have to go… look down and see how far you’ve already come.  (I am in tears as I type this)  You will get to your destination if you keep moving forward, one step in front of the other and before you know it? You will have reached the top! 

I smiled SO big and thanked him for his wisdom.  I was in such shock during this encounter, I didn’t even get a picture with him.  I was just so happy I was able to meet these three men on my journey.  They touched my soul with their kindness and I hope one day I will see them again on the trail.  I snapped a picture as they continued on…

I gathered my strength and kept climbing.  Finally… I reached my goal!  The radio towers!

The sweetness of victory!  I took this picture and it was SO bright, I could only hope it turned out to prove I had made it to this place.  When I saw the pic after I snapped it in the shade?  I noticed the blue orb on the lower left, and the purple streak in the upper right side.  Another one of my pics had a blue orb so I HAD to research the meaning of the color blue.  Because the “Messenger” wore blue and now the two orbs.  Three signs…  how appropriate.

“The meaning of the color blue is peace, calm and spirituality. Blue soothes us, body mind and spirit. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is very relaxing, so it is a good color to have in areas where you need peace to prevail.

Blue is also uplifting. It is the color that connects us to our spiritual side and the energy of the Universe.”

Read more:

Here’s me pointing to the towers:

And… the view I got to see!

I thanked God for this moment and headed on down the trail.  As I was walking down, I remembered I brought my Isis Oracle Deck.  I found a rock to sit on, checked around the area for snakes or other wildlife and pulled out my deck.  I shuffled and asked the Angels three times:

“Thank you Angels for revealing to me what it is, I need to know.”

Usually with this deck after the third time I say those words during first shuffle, cards begin to pop out.  Not this time… which kind of surprised me.  I thought to myself “Hmmmm… They must be looking for the exact card for me.”  I shuffled again and this card literally jumped out of the deck:


Not only am I a Sun Baby but, after all that has happened in the last week; I have felt “reborn”.  The card interpretation is below:

The Divine Solar Child Reborn

A dark phase and struggle is over. A new phase is upon you, one of Hope, Glory, Light and Triumph. It is one through boldness, persistence. Even when you feel like giving up, you choose to stay strong, to surrender to the Divine and continue with the path. You have been through much and now, Victory is upon you Beloved, for the Divine Solar Child, a new Consciousness within you, is born. 

It’s EXACTLY how I feel.  This is a pivotal moment in my life and I am ready to share my gifts, shine bright and serve the world.  I cannot help but know in my heart after everything that transpired today, EVERYTHING happens in Divine Timing and all is happening as it should be.  Today was a new beginning.

Today… Was My Rebirth Day.

Much Love,




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