Growing Pains

I, like so many others are going through some major growing pains lately.  It’s not an easy thing to do.

Growth brings with it so much pain, facing your fears and overcoming obstacles that have been standing in your way… obstacles that literally, can scare the s*** out of you!

I did a search on the net about spiritual growing pains and came across this blog post by Ginny Gane.  She explains it all so perfectly.  I had to share with you:

I am growing

I know because I can feel it

It’s not comfortable, but its okay

It’s not the kind of growing pains that kids talk about though

It’s not feeling your bones grow and ache

It’s more like feeling your heart break open

It’s releasing stories that hold us trapped in a limited reality

It’s letting go of beliefs about what truth is and releasing attachment to what defines us

It’s surrendering to the unknown

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I used to fear pain

Like it was the enemy

I deliberately architected the perfect psyche

One that was far from experiencing pain

I created a personality and plan for my life that didn’t include pain

After all, I AM a deliberate creator

The thing is, I was at war with myself

In my head, an inner battle

One of those ones that no one outside of you sees

The wholeness of who I am wanted to feel true freedom

To feel deep love and to experience outrageous joy

I wished to be the vessel for unconditional love to flow through

I could always find the good in everything… that was easy

What I didn’t realize is how I stubbornly pushed hard against experiencing pain at all

And this resistance was the foundation of my inner struggle

I feared experiencing pain, so I spent my life protecting myself from it

That is a lot of energy and focus going into resisting,

Yet I maintained the knowing that opening to our limitless power requires fully releasing resistance

Not if it involved pain though

No one wants to feel heartache, right?

Still I felt strongly like I was being pulled to be more, to open…

And then I uncovered the real truth

I learned who I truly am

I am consciousness and I am having a physical world experience

And an important part of this life is experiencing emotion

Having the experience of the wide range of emotions

There is an essential ingredient to deliberate creation that not everyone talks about

It’s about being real

It’s about embracing all parts of this physical experience

Finding the balance between the physical and non-physical

Completely allowing what is

Being alive and feeling life fully

And here in lies the key

You are the experiencer of your emotions

You are not your emotions

I am growing

I know because I can feel it

There is this pressure in my chest

Like a ball of heavy energy just sitting there, waiting to be released

But I’m aware of it now, and I see it as an object

And it doesn’t scare me

It is not who I am,

It is not even a part of me

It is simply something I am experiencing

Awareness transcends

I am not my pain

So bring it on life, you infinite teacher

I am opening now, ready for more

I am growing

Be patient with yourself.  It’s a process but; one in which you will learn much along the way.  You will learn you have strength you never knew you had.  You will understand past experiences in a whole new light.  You will see there are reasons for everything and your vision for the future, will be bigger than you ever imagined before!

Love yourself through it.




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