Living In Duality


As hinted at by the word “dual” within it, duality refers to having two parts, often with opposite meanings, like the duality of good and evil.

We are beings of light but there is also a shadow side to us all, as well. There are always two sides waging a fight to dominate an outcome. It’s the way it’s been since the beginning of time.

I have really been struggling with that HARD this last year. I have seen more parts of my shadow self and the darkness that exists in the world on much deeper levels, than I EVER have in my life. The rabbit hole has no end! I have fought hard to try and “be the light” for others and bring you hope while I myself, have been struggling. I have been hiding… hibernating… and shaking my head in absolute shock, watching what is happening around the world, day after day.

SO much is happening in these times – WAIT – things always have happened but behind closed doors. The difference is, things from the dark ARE being brought to light now… and at exponential rates. Blatant lying, corruption, pedophilia, human trafficking & sacrificing, poisoning our food, polluting our water, polluting the air, drug companies making us addicts and then getting rich on selling us the treatment, weather manipulation, man made catastrophies, mind control, creating division between us all in the name of religion and politics – I could go on and on!

People who “think freely” and see things for what they REALLY are, are always labeled crazy – we’re conspiracy theorists, nut jobs, we have screws loose, we’re one fry short of a happy meal and we are completely out of our minds. Well… more and more people are becoming “aware” of what is really happening around us. People ARE questioning what we are being told is happening in the world.  We are connecting with others who are questioning the spoon fed philosophies and we are talking “quietly” to share our findings but, I’m sorry… I’m done being quiet.


TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU. Don’t think about what you have been “told” to see but, what you YOURSELF see and reason everything in your own mind. The truth is right in front of our eyes yet, so many don’t see it; or choose NOT to see it. To be honest?  Sometimes I wish I didn’t know so much! It’s a heavy burden to carry. I find myself being SO angry lately that we have been lied to ALL of these years, on SO many different levels. From the churches to the schools, the mainstream media and even by our family and friends.

I have just one question… WHY?!!

It is SO hard to live with positivity and hope every day when I struggle with this anger more and more each day. It’s becoming harder than the day before it, to stay centered and peaceful. It’s difficult to create change because it feels like a fish swimming upstream… against the current. I am very sensitive to energy shifts and let me tell you, I have been a wreck inside… for months now. Such dread, such sadness and oppression I feel. I talk with those closest to me and that’s when I break down in tears.  I am sad for humanity.

Tonight, I will take a cleansing bath to try and rebalance myself. I will listen to a guided meditation to help clear negative energy before I go to sleep. Hopefully, I can rest the whole night through.

It’s not easy for me living in two completely different worlds. One where life is good, doing a normal routine and living life.  The other world?  The awful truth is right in my face starring at me and it makes me feel so sad. The veil is thinning BIG time – we will see things now we’ve never seen before but, I do know in my heart that light will shine in the darkest of places and love will prevail. I have to have faith in that.  In God.  In us.

If you are struggling like I am, please… feel free to reach out to me. I am here. I will not look at you like you’re a nut job no matter WHAT you share with me. I will give you the safe space to share your thoughts just like my dear friends, do for me. We have to come together. There is no other way. Strength is in the numbers and the more people we can connect with and share, the better off we’ll all be.


All My Love,



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