My Angel Encounter

Angels Are Always Around Us

I had to wait until My Angel accepted my friend request, so I could share her kindness with the world…

The Family and I were on a trip to CA over Thanksgiving weekend and we were also celebrating my birthday.

We were at Disneyland and had obtained a Fast Pass for the Indiana Jones Ride between 7:30 and 8:30 pm.  We were making our way to the ride and saw the Peter Pan Ride.  My niece Erika had never rode the ride before and we tried earlier in the day but; the line was over an hour long.  We skipped it.  Now, there was a 45 minute wait, it was 6:45 and we still had a ways to walk.  Erika & I were talking back and forth contemplating if we should even try to get in line because we didn’t want to miss the Indiana Jones ride.

All of a sudden, a woman walked up to us and asked us to follow her who works for Disneyland.  We both looked at each other like “Whaaaat?”  She walked us through the exit line right to the beginning of the line for Peter Pan and said “Happy Birthday!!!  Your birthday is special and you deserve a special gift.  It pays to wear your birthday pin, too!”

My jaw hit the floor!!!  I was completely shocked.  We boarded the next car and rode the ride!  The whole time I said to Erika… “I HAVE to find her to thank her again and tell her how VERY special she is.”

We got off the ride and began looking around the area.  I couldn’t find her.  I was getting SO sad.  Right when I was about to give up, Dave said “Wait… is that her over there?”  I said “It SURE is!”. I was elated!!!

I skipped up behind her and said “Terry… I just can’t thank you ENOUGH for your kindness” and asked if I could hug her.  We also asked her last name, so we could write a letter to Disney about her beautiful act of kindness.  I then asked if she would take a picture with me.  She said “I usually don’t take pics but I will.  I’ll never see it!” and she laughed.  I said “You truly made my day SO special!!  You are SUCH a doll!!”

Terry then says to me… “How about we make your day even MORE special?!”  Would you like to ride Alice in Wonderland?”  We all looked at each other in complete shock!!!  She kindly walked with us to the ride and again; escorted us right to the front of the line so we could ride right away.

NEVER in my life did I expect something like this to happen… let alone TWICE!!!  I was on cloud nine the whole rest of the trip thinking about her and her gifts.  I KNEW there was something very special about her…

I was on a mission.  I HAD to reconnect with her.  I searched Facebook, found a profile that matched her name and sent a PM asking if she was the same Terry I met two days before; who had given me two of the best gifts for my birthday… indeed she was!!!  I sent her a friend request.

Just a few hours ago, I posted my 11:11!! ⛄ post on Facebook like I do when I see it and GUESS who writes “That’s my favorite NUMBER!! 🎅⛄🎅” in the comments?

I KNEW IT.  NOW I know why we connected!!!  I am in complete AWE of this whole amazing experience and it goes to show… Angels WILL find you, no matter WHERE you are in the world.

Terry… THANK YOU AGAIN for your kindness.  I will NEVER forget and the next time we visit California… I am taking YOU out for dinner!!!  😍

Much L💖VE to My Angel.




  1. William

    Angels in are a true blessing to us when we don’t know they are there.

  2. Karah

    Thanks for spending time on the computer (writing) so others don’t have to.

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