• I’ve known Karen for five years now and she has a heart of gold! She helped me take the blinders off, so to speak, and really dig down deep within myself to uncover what I knew was down there, but couldn’t quite reach. She’s kind, and sincere, and REAL. She listens and truly cares about helping people achieve their full potential. She is very empowering, and whether or not you know your direction in life, I highly recommend her as your next step toward reaching your goals and dreams.

    Kim Discianno Project Manager and Professional Mentor
  • There is a unique openness that Karen possesses that most don't have the courage to share. She is driven by a guiding light that she acquired by going through her own adversities that she uses to solely help those around her become their best selves and to live their best lives - mind, body and soul. Whether it be guidance for creating a healthy lifestyle, meditation techniques or getting "the low down" on the rhymes and reasons of synchronicity, Karen has helped me and I know she can help you, too!

    Carla Muldrow Financial Analyst