Social Media – We Are Losing WAY More Than We Think

When it began, social media was designed to be “fun” and bring everyone closer together ~ to share in each others lives and used as a communication tool.  To share pictures of family, vacations and good times!

I was actually one of the first people to jump on the social media wagon, out of all my family and friends.  America Online – AKA – AOL ~ what a concept!  Chat rooms.  Instantaneous connection in cyber space to other human beings, behind their computer screens.  The sound of “Welcome – You’ve Got Mail” became an exciting phrase to hear; after a long day at work while relaxing on the couch.

I was a single Mom raising my daughter back then, and it was my way of connecting to others in the outside world.  I was now connected to family, friends, past school mates, past co-workers and made new “cyber friends” with the help of a computer and chat rooms.  I met my husband in a chat room on AOL, as a matter of fact!

Slowly… AOL became “old news” and the new way to connect was MySpace.

Then… Facebook came along.

By this time; I was married, had another baby, moved out of state, worked full time and what a GODSEND Facebook was for me to still be connected in some way, to everyone!

Or so I thought…

For years I have shared SO many different things through cyber space – good times, bad times, triumphs and failures, health, sickness, births, deaths and so much more.  Suddenly; I woke up and realized over the last few days… EVERY way I connect with others, involves a computer or a smartphone.

From the moment I wake up, this phone is in my hand.  I have to check Facebook!  Say Good Morning.  Update my pages.  Share information I feel is beneficial to people.  Share inspiration and positivity because somehow; I feel that the world has evolved into a cold, isolated oblivion.

A Double-Edged Sword

The problem with society is?  The whole “cyber world.”  Even vocal communications in our own households have stopped – it’s easier to text or ping on messenger, while in a different room.  Why?  Because everyone ELSE in the house is ALSO behind a screen of some sort.


We are LOSING our human connections that we ALL desperately NEED in our lives.  We are losing the ability to ENJOY our lives, without having to update our status to tell the WORLD where we are, where we’re going, who we’re with, what we’re eating, what we’re riding in and when we’re going home!

We are becoming numb and dumbed down by the constant bombardment of SO much information, every single moment.  It’s overload!  News is blasted out the moment someone thinks it’s relevant; whether it’s truth, or not.  Bad news spreads like wildfire and shared a million times over!

Constant arguing over STUPID shit that should not even MATTER in the grand scheme of things.  There are sides to people you never DREAMED you would see, too!  Hatred, racism, division, judgements, bullying, and downright ruthless behaviors are the norm now.

WHY?  Because it’s SO EASY to type without thinking!  I bet if we were literally standing in front of the person, things would be WAY different.

WHAT is ALL of this cyber stuff doing to us as a society?  To ourselves?  To our children?  I’ll tell you what it’s doing…  It’s killing our compassion and hardening our hearts.

Truth is… We are ALL in this thing called “life” TOGETHER and if each of us are willing to reach out and touch somebody’s hand?  We WILL make a difference.  We have GOT to learn how to CONNECT again, in genuine loving ways.  We have got to stop being hermits, hiding behind the screens and go OUT and enjoy our lives!  Take a walk in nature.  Take a bike ride.  Take a drive to a destination and hike a mountain!  Take a stroll on the beach and DO these things… WITH OTHERS!  The personal connections are what we are ALL lacking in our lives… and NEED more than EVER.

It is in those connections, memories WORTH remembering; are made.  It’s time to get back to what TRULY matters, my friends.  Life is short and you never know when the moment you are living; will be your last.



Our Hearts… NEED them.

Much Love & Blessings.




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