The Human Touch

I just read one of the most beautiful heartfelt posts on Facebook I’ve seen in a long time and I will share with you:

“I had a thought today…..we should as women support one another and make sure that we call, text, drop a snail mail or an email to those we care about and love……I received a note yesterday from a very good friend that I have not talked to in ages. I talked to my sweet friend In Texas on the phone not long ago…..made my day…I miss her so much, filtered through tons of photos for my friend who is going to have changes in her life that right now are a bit overwhelming and hard… it will be just right for her in the near future…I admire her bravery to go forward and do what is needed in her life, answered the phone when my dear friend just needed to talk…wanted my love and support….I give it so quickly to this wonderful woman I admire and love and respect…..I wished a far away friend that her moving day today is a smooth one….to be careful and safe…..I kept close to heart a teacher that makes or breaks children’s days at school….and she does her very best to allow smiles and care and knowledge to her students…..I played with my grand kiddos this week and showed them that sometimes you can’t order what you really want….and that pancakes are a fabulous substitute!…..we giggled and had so much fun……remember when you get stressed….life throws daggers at you….things get overwhelming and discombobbled……people do love and care about you….women understand….your true friends love you within down times and great times… the best thing is…they love you…unconditionally, truthfully, and always……I truly hope those I love and care for will always feel that from me…..and those that I do love….feel such a bond……will feel nurtured, trusted and warmth where ever you may be within your day…..I am so blessed to feel such love for my dearest friends… to you all….have the very best this Friday has to offer you…..and know you’re all tucked closely to my heart…..”

Jann Squires ~ I love your heart! ♥

I reached out to Jann right after I read her post to thank her for her words. She inspired me to write this post because she’s SO right. We need to support each other and in MANY different ways. Facebook is a great way to stay informed and in touch but, I LONG for the “belly-to-belly” interactions, the personal touch, the phone calls that last for hours, the thrill of opening up a card that arrives in the mail, knowing full well; how long it takes to buy, write, address, stamp and send it… it means you mattered enough to someone for them to spend the time doing it. The weekend get-a-way trips to connect with each other and make memories! Sitting at a coffee shop and sharing your hurts and fears with your friend who is non-judgemental and will help you through the toughest times in life. Spending a day at the mall to people-watch, shop, talk and share a meal together.

We seem to have lost those personal connections because of the convenience of social media. I miss hearing the voices and laughter of my family and friends! To SEE their smiles instead of an emoji. To wipe their tears with a tissue and give them a hug, instead of using words to try and console them from afar. To hear their laughter instead of just seeing an LOL!

The Human Touch – both physical and non-physical, is SO important. We must find a way to take advantage of all the amazing benefits of our technologically-enabled world while ensuring that we aren’t losing touch with the most important people in our lives.

TODAY I vow to BE a better person and “connect” more on personal levels with those I love and care about. Don’t be surprised if your phone rings, your doorbell rings or I text you just to say hello and you are on my mind! I have so many wonderful people in my life and we have SO much to share with one another.

Our relationships are THE most important components in our lives and nothing matters more than those connections! We truly love one another so, let’s SHOW it, more often!

We ALL need Love and…
The Human Touch.



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