The Truth About Addiction

Let me start by saying this…

This blog post may piss some people off.  It may strike a nerve.  It may make total sense.  I however; feel so strongly about sharing it… I HAD to.  If it helps just ONE person SEE their own truth, it will have done what it was intended to do.

So, here we go.  I had a conversation with my Sister last night and we were discussing life. We talked about so many different things but, we ended up here:


I voiced my opinions on the matter:

1 – Addiction starts as a CHOICE.

2 – It stems from deep rooted unresolved pain, trauma and lack of connection.

3 – We switch from one addiction to another so easily because we never address the root causes.

4 – Our bodies eventually become physically reliant on said drug of choice.

5 – People relapse countless times because the focus is on stopping the said drug of choice (symptom) and NOT focusing on the deep seated issues that exist, that made us choose it to begin with. (cause)

6 – Relapse also happens because withdrawals can be absolutely horrific and it’s just easier to medicate again.

7 – Addiction CAN be overcome with the right mindset, tools and support.

Is it easy to overcome? FUCK NO it’s not easy which is why people relapse! You have to face parts of your being you never knew existed and it’s scarier than shit!

LOTS… choose not to.

Truth is… until the facts are faced as to WHY we became addicted in the first place, we will continue to travel down the spiral to hell.

If you are in a place where addiction has taken over your life, I URGE YOU TO GO WITHIN.

Ask yourself these questions:

● WHY am I using?
● WHY am I choosing NOT to feel?
● WHY am I hiding behind closed doors, suffering?
●WHY do I choose to ignore my life experiences instead of facing them?
● WHO hurt me and WHY?
● WHY did I stop controlling my own destiny and allow addiction to control me?
● IS this addiction worth losing everyone and everything I worked so hard to have?
● WILL losing everything even make a difference to me?

These questions will reveal the root causes of addiction.  These questions however; just scratch the surface of what lies beneath.  There are so many different reasons WHY people become addicted to different things:












I could go on and on.  No one knows the real reasons why except the addict, themselves.  People can speculate, people will assume, people will judge but NO ONE knows the pain someone is going through and how DEEP that pain can be.

The bottom of the well as I like to call it, is a lonely place.  You become someone you never expected to be.  It’s dark, it’s cold and void.  Like a black hole.  The nothing.

While numbing the pain, you’ve also managed to numb the feelings of ANYTHING.  Everything that you’ve ever enjoyed loving, doing, seeing, hearing, tasting or touching just doesn’t mean a damn thing anymore.

I have the right to speak on addiction.  I was an addict for years and to many different things.  Food, marijuana, painkillers, muscle relaxers and alcohol.  I LIVED it.  I SURVIVED it.  I too; had to dig WAY down deep inside myself to discover all the triggers that led me down those roads of destruction.  I had to ask those very same questions above, of myself.  I had to spend countless days and nights digging, finding, acknowledging, hurting, crying, forgiving and releasing, in order to become who I am today.  NOW… I THRIVE.  I use my experiences along with the tools I learned to help others.

It CAN be done.  It CAN be beat.  It CAN be conquered and CAN be a testimony to others if you share your story.  This is exactly WHY I share mine.  I teach truth.  I teach forgiveness.  I teach hope, perseverance and I DO it… with LOVE.  I connect with people to help them dig way down deep into the depths of their soul, to understand, to heal and to learn new ways of living their lives.

Would I change anything about the journey of my life thus far?  Today, I can honestly say NO.  Why?  Because you can’t have a story without a tragedy.  You can’t learn life lessons without the circumstances that teach you the ways to overcome adversity.  You can’t have a testimony without going through trials yourself.

I fought HARD to be who I am today and YES… IT WAS WORTH IT ALL.

Much Love,





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