Truth Shall Set You Free

Do you ever have those moments where life slaps you across the face with so much truth, it literally stings?  You stand there in awe pondering that feeling of “How did I not see the most important thing? 

HOW in the HELL…

did I MISS that?!”

“Do not squelch the voice of God that flows through you.”

Those were the words I heard last night, through my Dear Friend Karen.  When those words moved from her lips to my ears, my body shuttered and the moment of realization occurred.

It’s been quite the year for me, let me tell ya.  There has been so much reflection on my life, the experiences I’ve had, the lessons I triumphed in and the instances where I have failed.  I have lived in my head for the past year, instead of living… in my heart.

While I worked SO hard to inspire, encourage and empower everyone around me, I failed miserably at empowering myself.  I allowed painful feelings of low self worth that were rooted from many years ago, to keep me in a place of complacency.

As I reflected over my experiences, all those times I made the wrong decisions, the lessons I failed to learn from and had to repeat, those times I fell flat on my face in sheer defeat, have literally kept me in a place of isolation and completely… paralyzed.

During Karen’s online session last night, she gave me a message from My Angels and Guides that I desperately needed to hear… and face.  She lovingly stated there is deep pain that I haven’t released to the Universe for healing and transmutation.  At first; I didn’t understand what the Angels were communicating to me until the wall came crashing down…

In my teen years, I allowed my self-worth to be broken and with it?  My self-esteem.  I didn’t believe I was worthy of true love, joy, happiness, abundance and prosperity.  The wall went up around my heart preventing these things from flowing freely into my experience.  I didn’t believe I was good enough to receive any of it!  I have struggled with these feelings for so many years.  That chatter in my head was constantly knocking me down…

No matter what good things have happened, I still held on to the belief I didn’t deserve it.  This in turn; sabotaged many, many opportunities to truly accept love fully, to have pure joy, to create lasting happiness, to experience abundance beyond my wildest dreams and have the ability to receive all the financial resources I am worthy of receiving.

Today as I read these words again…

“Do not squelch the voice of God that flows through you.”

I realize now, I have been doing a disservice to My Creator for not sharing my pain with the world.  You see, we as humans cannot have a story of triumph without a tragedy and with a tragedy, comes enormous amounts of pain.  It’s a fact of life.

It is IN that pain though ~ that state of anger, disappointment and brokenness, that allows us to crack our hearts wide open to release what has held us captive in the prison of our own minds. It allows us to live in LOVE through our hearts like we are destined to live!

I share my story to encourage you to face those dark places you usually avoid and dare not go.  I encourage you to be brave and dig way down deep into your soul and reach that place of love, deep healing and forgiveness for yourself.

Once you reach that place, you’ll know.  BOY… will you know!

All My Love,




  1. chocopie

    OLHoFu Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

  2. Bridget

    Hi! Do you know who is the artist behind the second image, with the silhouette and the space cloud? It’s beautiful.

    1. admin

      Hello! Actually, no I do not. I found the image on the internet.

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