You Always Have A Choice!

Sadly, we are led to believe that we have no choices in our lives.  Whether it’s a relationship, a career, our health or how we raise our children, we are conditioned to settle for what life gives us and we do not have the ability to change our circumstances.  In turn?  We remain the victim.

I have a REAL problem with this!

Why do we feel like we have no choice in matters of our lives?  Why do we continue to live our lives according to what others think we should?  Why do we continue to place our wants and needs on the back-burner for others, while we continue to sacrifice our own sanity?  Why do we stay in abusive relationships that damage us physically and/or emotionally?  Why do we wake up every day, go to a job we hate, just to survive?  Why do we sacrifice our health and well-being for anyone or anything?  Why do we raise our children the way society seems to think we should?  Why do we go years and years living a life that is unfulfilling when we are here for such a short period of time?


I’ll tell you why!

Because we have fallen victim to the bull shit lies society feeds us and we continue to choose to live those lies.

HARSH… Right?

Truth is truth and the truth hurts.  It’s difficult for us to face the fact that WE are the reasons WHY our lives are the way they are.  We made the choices to “end up” where we are right now.  WE allowed others to influence our own ideas of what our lives SHOULD be vs. what they CAN be.

This year has proven challenging on so many levels for SO many people.  It’s no surprise because it’s an “11” year which governs complete destruction before illumination.  Many things in our lives have shifted.  It’s like the foundation of our lives was jack-hammered, broken apart and now our foundation is in shambles.

Some lost their loved ones, some lost their job, some lost homes, their relationship status changed drastically with many people such as spouses, family members, friends, colleges, etc.  Yes, life changing circumstances happened for many of us but how we chose to react to each change was up to us.

Let’s be real here:

Sometimes though, it’s much easier to conform to a system in place than it is to trail-blaze a whole new path.  It takes WORK.  It takes perseverance and relentless belief in yourself and your own thoughts, feelings and ideas of how YOU want to live your life and what you feel worthy enough to receive.

Do you feel like you deserve more in your life?  If yes… then you DO!  The only one stopping you, is YOU choosing your fate.  Life is short my friends and our time here should not be wasted on living life in misery.  You have the power to create any outcome you desire but it is going to take a DECISION… then the ACTION to support that decision.

Will it be easy to make changes you know you need to make for yourself?


Will it be worth it to live your life the way you REALLY want to live it?


All My Love,








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